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“Us” The Walking Dead 4-15

Over the course of the last 6 episodes, the groups have all been off on various journeys launched from the violent catastrophe of the fall of the prison. While in these circumstances they all would question about what the journey is beyond survival, for us the viewers, it’s all been about who is going to survive, and make it to the next season. With Lizzie and Mika being the latest to exit, and this being the next to the last episode for the season, the show overall is winding up for what could be a cliffhanger.

"Walking Dead" Companion Series Official

Months after AMC announced its intention to create a companion show to The Walking Dead, the network has confirmed that the series is officially happening......

“The Grove” The Walking Dead 4-14

  Warning Spoilers Contained Within!!!

Over the past few weeks, we have had some silo’d episodes with the various groups split up following the attack on the prison. A few adventuresome as the survivors meet up with others, in some cases good, but in others not so good.

“Alone” The Walking Dead 4-13

  Warning Spoilers Contained Within!!!

The first 10 minutes of “Alone” is just that, Bob wondering alone, sometime between “Welcome to The Tombs” (S3/Ep16) and “30 Days Without an Accident” (S4/Ep1). Reminiscent of Hanks in “Castaway” (2000) we find Bob wondering, with machete in hand through the forest.

“Still” The Walking Dead 4-12

  Warning Spoilers Contained Within!!!

For a good bit of time before this episode aired, I was trying to figure out where they were going from the title. Did “Still” reference being quiet and still to not attract the walkers? Was it “Still” stagnant water? With the previous mentions of Sanctuary, was this finally a time to stop wondering and be “Still”

“Claimed” The Walking Dead 4-11

  Warning Spoilers Contained Within!!!

The episode opens with Tara and Glenn I the back of the military truck that found them at the end of “Inmates”. Tara is keeping track of the way they are going on her arm with a marker, while Glenn is still out to lunch. As the truck stops at a road block, Abraham smiles as he dispatches several walkers after telling Tara not to use her gun. She asks about his smiling, and he tells her “he is the luckiest guy in the world”.

“Inmates” The Walking Dead 4-10

  Warning Spoilers Contained Within!!!

With last week’s episode focusing on Rick, Carl, and Michonne, it’s only natural that this week’s episode focused on others from the defunct prison group.

The Walking Dead preview: Abraham, Eugene and Rosita

  Warning Spoilers Contained Within!!!

Came across a great article today over at MOVIEPILOT by Matt Carter. Seems we will be seeing some long awaited additions to the crew in an upcoming episode!. Check it out!!

  “After” the return of The Walking Dead 4-9

  Warning Spoilers Contained Within!!!

Well after a long and angst ridden wait, Walking Dead was back and was not a disappointment. In the first 10mins, they pretty much summed up a good bit of the outstanding items we were left with from “Too Far Gone”.

  "The Walking Dead" – What Should We Expect??

With the return of Walking Dead in a little more than 7 hours, what should we all expect?

Well if we believe what all is being said by the actors and crew, excrement is going to get real. Now how much more real??? Lets see when we last left the group, everyone was reeling from the attack by the Governor and his minions.

  Season 4 Catch Up "The Walking Dead"

After the mid-season hiatus, they’re back….

It will only be a mere 68 days, when February, 9th 9pm rings in the latest installment of The Walking Dead.  During what seemed to be years and not days, many a fan lamented the wait dying for the answers after watching “Too Far Gone”. In a great feat of directing and showmanship, the creative geniuses behind the show took it and literally ripped it apart into 5 ragged pieces......Read More.